Complete Travel Connections started as a family run airport representation company in 1989 as an independent sole trader with one employee looking after a small range of clients at London Gatwick Airport. In 1999 the business was incorporated as Gatwickconnect Ltd and re-branded in 2010 as Complete Travel Connections.

We have grown year on year, even during the tough times. Positive referrals have been one of the biggest factors in our continuous growth.

Today we provide services at Major Airports across the globe for our 300+ clients

Our client base is diverse and covers a full range of companies across all sectors, including but not limited to: Luxury Tour Operators, Finance, Entertainment, Aviation and Ground Transport.

We look after individual passengers, groups of passengers or whole charter flights departing or arriving at all airports across the UK. We act as agents at individual airports or provide full UK cover for many of our clients as well as incorporating a 24hr duty office service.

We have developed our own web-based flight management portal,, that our employees and clients can log into from anywhere in the world to get up-to-date information on our bookings or obtain flight reports for specific bookings.

All of our employees have iPads which means they can access at any time and update specific bookings and flight reports. They are also able to display passenger names or company branding/logos.

Frequently asked questions

When is the latest I can make a booking?

  1. You can book any service online up to 48 hours before a service is due. Any services you require within 48 hours of the service commencing, you will need to call or email us on or 0844 800 2048
  2. Any services booked within 24 hours of the service start time may incur a late booking fee of up to £25.00.

If I book online, is my booking confirmed?

Your booking is only confirmed once you have received a ‘booking confirmation’ email. If a booking cannot be accommodated an email explaining the booking CANNOT be confirmed will be sent and confirmation that a refund has been issued for that booking.

How many passengers can I book for?

Generally, there is no limit to how many people you can book for. We would advise requesting services involving more than 10 passengers (not including group/coach arrival services) via phone or email as far in advance as you can to ensure availability.

Fast Track services vary depending on the airport, some airports limit each booking to 9 passengers, some to 6.

Does my Airport assistance include luggage assistance?

Our reps will assist with luggage at their discretion and up to as many bags as they can safely handle (normally up to 4 pieces). To guarantee luggage assistance, this will need to be booked in addition to a meet and assist service.

Our flight has changed, will we be charged to amend or change our booking?

  1. If your flight is delayed or arriving early/late within the service time period, we will still endeavour to cover the booking; if the service runs over the initial service period, then an additional charge per rep, per hour is charged.
  2. If your flight is delayed or arriving early/later and falls outside of the service period, then it will be best endeavours to try and cover the booking, if we are able to do so, an additional charge per rep, per hour will be added to the original cost for the duration of the service.
  3. If you have changed your flight or the airline has changed the date or time of your flight, you will be able to change the time and date of your service without incurring an additional charge, if you request this outside of 24 hours of the scheduled service commencement.
  4. If you request a change in date or time of your service within 21 hours of the scheduled start time of the service then this will be treated as a cancellation and a full charge applied. If the change is within 3 hours of the scheduled start time of the service then an additional charge per hour per rep will be charged.

Can we book a buggy instead of a wheelchair?

Buggies are not guaranteed at most airports however, some do allow you to book a buggy specifically and others charge for this service. Should you wish to request a buggy instead of a wheelchair you will be able to do so by making a request in the ‘special requirements’ section when you checkout through our website. We will come back to you on a case by case basis depending on the particular airport’s services.


If I can cancel, will I be charged?

If you cancel within 24 hours of the scheduled service start time or estimated arrival time (in the case of an arrival service) whichever is sooner, you will be charged the full rate. Any cancellations (except VIP service) outside of 24 hours prior to the service start will result in a full refund. Some overseas VIP services attract a 48 hours full cancellation charge. VIP services cancelled within 48 hours but outside 24 hours will attract a full refund less a 15% administration charge.

Some Fast Track services, once booked, do not offer a refund or option to amend; this information is displayed under the information section for each service when booking.

When is the latest I can cancel?

You can cancel at any time, however; you will be charged full rate if you cancel within 24hrs of the scheduled service start time or estimated arrival time (in the case of an arrival service) whichever is earlier. Some overseas VIP services attract a 48 hours full cancellation charge. VIP services cancelled within 48 hours but outside 24 hours will attract a full refund less a 15% administration charge.

If we have booked online, how do we cancel?

To cancel a service with us please either email detailing the services you wish to cancel or call us on 0844 800 2048. For some services also, it may be possible to cancel via your account section.

Service Delivery

Will we skip the queues at Check-in, Passport Control and Security?

There is no guarantee we can ‘skip’ any queues however, your airline ticket may entitle you to priority lanes throughout the airport as well as any airports that provide ‘fast track’ services. You will be given the option to include these within the service you book with us. Without any of that, you can rely on our rep’s extensive knowledge of each airport and a great relationship with all the airlines and authorities operating out of them to be sure of a much more streamlined journey through than without us!

Can we request and/ choose the rep we would like to meet us?

If you have a particular member of our team you would like to assist you, you can certainly request them using the ‘special requirements’ section when you checkout, however, we cannot guarantee that the requested team member will be available on the day. (Due to the unpredictable nature of flight departures and arrivals, reps can be reallocated at short notice.)

What happens if we cannot locate our rep when we arrive at the airport?

If you cannot find a member of our team waiting at the agreed/expected location, please call either the direct number for the rep (provided prior to the service taking place) or our Duty Number (07766 727684), provided on your documentation which is manned 24/7.

What happens if we arrive early?

In the event of a departure service, if you know you are arriving earlier than our team are expecting, please give us as much notice as possible and we will try our best to meet you; this may mean a change of rep or us getting to you fractionally after you arrive, however, we will do our best to meet you as you pull up or step on the platform. If we are unable to get to you early than we had originally agreed, we will still be able to meet you at the agreed meet time should you decide to wait, or carry on without us and we will we find you through at whichever point you have managed to get to throughout your journey.

All services have an allotted time and any variation can incur additional costs.

What happens if we are running late?

If you are running late, do not worry! Depending on the service, we are booked for a set time period which, on departure will at least be up until check-in is scheduled to close and, on arrival takes into account flights arriving early or late by 30 minutes. If you are running late and may miss your flight we will assist you where we can and within our powers to help you make your flight. If your flight is arriving outside of your booked service time period we will endeavour to assist, this may incur extra charges (please see terms and conditions).

Can I tip my rep?

We do not discourage you showing your gratitude to our team by giving them a tip.

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